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Meyer Natural Angus Beef

We stock a full line of Meyer's Natural Angus Beef.

  • No Hormones

Meyer's cattle are never given any form of hormones, steroids, implants or growth stimulants. They allow their animals to mature slowly for optimal tenderness and marbling. 

  • No Antibiotics

Their cattle are never given any form of antibiotics. Meyer's does not use antibiotics in feed supplements and does not administer antibiotics therapeutically. 

  • Verified Origins

Meyer's verify the ranch of origin and much more. All of their cattle are born, raised, fed and processed in the United States.


  • Vegetarian Diet

The cattle are raised on a strictly vegetarian diet. They are fed only natural feed and rations, such as pasture grass, hay, grains and legumes, and then finished on a corn-based diet for true corn-fed flavor. 

  • Angus Breed

Because taste is everything, Meyer's cattle are Angus. The breed is known for its superior marbling, juiciness, tenderness, flavor and consistent portion sizing.  ​e

  • Certified Humane

Meyer Natural Angus has received the “Certified Humane” designation from the Humane Farm Animal Care organization. This means that their cattle are treated well, given shelter and sufficient space, and allowed to engage in natural behaviors.

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We carry a full line of Murray Chickens, an all natural product. 

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